Taylor J. Swift

Taylor J. Swift is a policy advisor with Demand Progress, focusing on Congressional transparency, efficiency, capacity, and modernization. Taylor works closely with congressional offices, stakeholder groups, and policy experts to push for better working conditions and pay for congressional staffers and greater public access to legislative information. Prior to joining Demand Progress, Taylor worked for the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus where he focused on budget, appropriations, education, labor, environmental, and tax policy. Taylor worked closely with the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress to elevate the importance of increasing Congressional staff pay, retention, and diversity. Taylor graduated with his master’s degree from The University of Akron, working as a teaching assistant for the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. While in graduate school, he also worked as a research assistant for Policy Matters Ohio, a think tank focused on promoting a more inclusive economy for all, stronger labor rights for workers, and sustainable environmental policy.