The internet is where some of the most consequential civil liberties developments of the day are unfolding.

We have driven in millions of contacts to lawmakers, organized massive rallies, and been at the forefront of many of history’s largest digital activism campaigns for internet freedom. We’ve worked to defeat the SOPA internet censorship bill, reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act under which our co-founder Aaron Swartz was unjustly prosecuted, and we have defended net neutrality and an open internet for all.

How we've been fighting:

Special Projects

When the moment or issue demands it, we dive in on longer-term projects, leveraging our staff and resources to win big victories in the fight for transparency, equity and justice.

Battle for the Net

The central hub for online net neutrality activism. Battle for the Net has been home to some of the largest digital days of actions in the history of the internet, helping to secure major wins in the fight against Big Cable for strong net neutrality protections.

Team Internet

Our innovative distributed organizing project, run alongside our partners at Fight for the Future and Free Press Action. Team Internet built a network of volunteers, combining grassroots power with technology to create hundreds of in-person rallies across the country to hold lawmakers accountable and restore open internet protections.