We work to strengthen our democracy to make sure the government represents our interests.

We are leading the charge on making sure our democracy is strong and restructuring how it operates. We push to strengthen our transparency laws so that the public can understand what the government is doing. We fight to end secret laws put into place by the executive branch; and we work to ensure Congress has the ability to resist the pull of special interests.

How we've been fighting:

Special Projects

When the moment or issue demands it, we dive in on longer-term projects, leveraging our staff and resources to win big victories in the fight for transparency, equity and justice.

The First Branch Forecast

How do we build a stronger, more capable Congress? The First Branch Forecast is our weekly newsletter, with tons of research and analysis on improving the First Branch of government.

Continuity of Congress

When a disaster strikes, can Congress keep operating? At Continuity of Congress, we round up resources and research about legislative continuity from around the world.


The Congressional Research Service publishes thousands of reports on policymaking questions facing lawmakers. We republish those reports in a user-friendly format.

Transparency Caucus

Congress has a transparency caucus, and we help coordinate its advisory committee. Come watch videos of our panel discussions that cover every issue under the sun.

Media Relations

We work with reporters to break crucial stories, give expert commentary and ensure the role of grassroots activism is not ignored in the press.