Daniel Schuman

Daniel leads Demand Progress and Demand Progress Education Fund’s efforts on issues that concern government transparency, accountability, ethics, and reform; protecting civil liberties; and strengthening the legislative branch. He co-founded the Congressional Data Coalition, which brings together organizations from across the political spectrum to advocate for a tech-savvy Congress; created the First Branch Forecast, a website that contains in-depth research on Congress and a weekly newsletter; built EveryCRSReport, a website containing all CRS Reports; co-directs FutureCongress, a collaboration on improving science and technology expertise in the legislative branch; and runs the Transparency RoundTable, which brings together 50+ organizations from across the political spectrum to collaborate on transparency issues.

Daniel directs the Advisory Committee on Transparency, which supports the work of the Congressional Transparency Caucus, and was a fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. Daniel has testified before Congress on numerous occasions and has been interviewed in the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, Fox News, C-SPAN, and elsewhere.

Daniel was instrumental in drafting and enacting legislation including the DATA Act, FOIA modernization, public access to CRS Reports, publication of legislative information as data, obtaining a study on restarting the Office of Technology Assessment, and dozens of House rules changes (including the creation of the Office of Whistleblower Ombudsman).

He is a nationally recognized expert on federal transparency, accountability, and congressional capacity. He previously worked as policy director at CREW; policy counsel at the Sunlight Foundation; and as a legislative attorney with the Congressional Research Service. Daniel graduated cum laude from Emory University School of Law.