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Statement on Yemen War Powers Resolution Moving Forward in the Senate

WASHINGTON, DC — New this morning, The Intercept reported that the Yemen War Powers Resolution will be moving forward for a vote in the Senate. The legislation ends unauthorized US support for the Saudi-UAE-led coalition’s offensive operations in Yemen, including logistics, maintenance, and spare parts for the Saudi Royal Airforce.

In response to the news, Demand Progress Foreign Policy Advisor Cavan Kharrazian issued the following statement: 

“We applaud Senator Sanders for moving forward with a vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution. After nearly eight years of unauthorized US involvement in the horrific war and blockade on Yemen, it is imperative for Congress to reclaim its constitutional jurisdiction over war powers. Without a clear path towards a long term truce, Saudi Arabia could restart its deadly bombing campaign. If passed, the resolution would ensure that the US is no longer a party to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition’s offensive campaign, and maintains pressure on the coalition to negotiate a comprehensive peace deal. This legislation also provides a clear, targeted congressional response to Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Salman for their efforts to manipulate global energy markets and human rights violations, such as the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”