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Statement on Nomination of Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court

January 31, 2017
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The following can be attributed to Demand Progress executive director David Segal:

“From day one, President Trump has been in violation of the Constitution and now he seeks to place a Justice on the highest court of the land who threatens to twist our founding document and the principles it embodies into one unrecognizable by a free society.

“Trump has chosen an extremist in Neil Gorsuch. Confirming Gorsuch threatens to create a Court that will rubber stamp Trump’s assaults on Americans’ freedoms; a Court that will twist the First Amendment to tear down corporate accountability; a Court that will nod at the wholesale purchase of political results by the wealthy; a Court that will view individual privacy as an impediment to governmental power and police authority; a Court that will make America less free, less safe, less democratic. Our Supreme Court must remain an institutional check on Trump’s authoritarian ambitions, not a bystander to the demise of our society.

“In just 12 days, Trump has shown a flagrant contempt for our Constitution and the democratic form of government it upholds. Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch is inextricable from the constitutional crisis created by his disregard for the rule of law.

“Every U.S. senator takes an oath to defend our Constitution against ‘all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ On that basis, members of the Senate must make use of all procedural tools at their disposal – including the fibuster’s 60 vote threshold – to delay, resist, and ultimately block this nomination, and any other that threatens to rubber stamp Trump’s extreme agenda and radical assault on our constitutional values.”