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Demand Progress statement: Net neutrality CRA resolution gains support of 50 senators

The support of just one more Republican senator is needed for the resolution to pass the Senate.

January 16, 2018
Media contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

‘The reason the CRA resolution has gained such tremendous support at a breakneck pace is because lawmakers can sense how motivated the public is on this issue. Reversing the FCC’s disastrous order is absolutely the right move from a policy standpoint, and with the 2018 midterms looming and the public more fired up about net neutrality than ever before, it’s a no-brainer from a political standpoint too,’ said Mark Stanley, Director of Communications for Demand Progress. ‘What’s become clear over the last year is that despite an intense public relations effort to pull the wool over Republican voters’ eyes in order to turn net neutrality into a partisan issue, most conservatives outside Washington aren’t buying it. No voter—whether Republican, Democrat or Independent—is happy about the prospect of monopolistic telecoms controlling what they can access online. We commend the 50 senators who have come out in support of the CRA resolution, and Demand Progress will continue to mobilize the public to encourage other members of Congress to get behind the push to restore net neutrality.’