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Joint Statement on US Airstrike in Syria

February 26, 2021
CONTACT: ​Cavan Kharrazian, cav[email protected]; Erik Sperling, [email protected]

WASHINGTON​—Yesterday, the US carried out air strikes against a site in Syria reportedly used by two Iranian-backed militias. The following statement may be attributed to Cavan Kharrazian, Progressive Foreign Policy Campaigner at Demand Progress:

“Congress has authorized neither these strikes in Syria nor hostilities towards Iran. Moreover, last year Congress passed a war powers resolution explicitly making it clear that it had not authorized targeting Iran. President Biden has made the right promises about deescalating conflicts, but his direction of these illegal airstrikes is chilling to anyone fighting for an end to the forever wars.”

The following statement may be attributed to Erik Sperling, Executive Director, Just Foreign Policy:

“This a deeply troubling early sign from President Biden, who campaigned on ending wars and focusing on real threats to Americans like climate and pandemics. This strike is unauthorized, illegal, and unconstitutional. Under our Constitution and War Powers Resolution of 1973, self-defense is no justification for strikes that are not in response to an ongoing or imminent attack. This strike sets a dangerous precedent that could be used to justify strikes almost anywhere in the world. As they did under the previous Administration, the bipartisan Congressional defenders must move quickly to protect Congress’s war powers.”