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Internet defenders rally in Los Angeles to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to sign net neutrality bill

After mass mobilization, Demand Progress calls on governor to sign SB 822 into law


September 6, 2018

Contact: Robert Cruickshank, Campaign Director, [email protected]

Demand Progress joined state legislators and community groups in downtown Los Angeles this morning to celebrate passage of SB 822, the historic legislation restoring net neutrality protections for 40 million Californians, and to urge Governor Jerry Brown to sign the bill.

“Signing SB 822 might well be one of Jerry Brown’s most important acts in his four terms as governor. It would leave a powerful legacy and send a strong message to Congress: A free and open internet is essential to maintaining an innovative and strong economy, as well as protecting basic democratic rights at a time when they have come under dire threat,” said Robert Cruickshank, Campaign Director at Demand Progress.

“If Gov. Brown signs SB 822 into law and restores net neutrality in the world’s fifth largest economy, it will help light a fire under Congress to act to overturn the FCC and restore net neutrality across America,” he said.

Thousands of Demand Progress members in California signed petitions, sent emails, and made phone calls to their state legislators in the weeks and months in the lead-up to the historic vote. Demand Progress also sent a letter this week to Governor Brown detailing the case for signing SB 822.

“It’s rare that Republicans and Democrats join together on high-profile legislation in Sacramento, which is why the fact five Assembly Republicans joined fifty-six Assembly Democrats to pass SB 822 is so remarkable. It shows how crucial this common-sense legislation is to the state as a whole. The people of California have made it clear they want their state government to protect their rights and freedoms online, and signing SB 822 is essential to making that happen,” said Cruickshank.