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Demand Progress Statement on Proposed Set-Top Box Rules Overhaul 

January 27, 2016
Press contact: Mark Stanley, 202.681.7582
Email: [email protected]

The following statement on today’s announcement from the FCC can be attributed to Demand Progress Director of Communications Mark Stanley:

“In the past year, we’ve seen Big Cable’s attempts to drown out competition and consumer choice rolled back again and again, from the FCC’s Open Internet Order, to the demise of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger. Now, Big Cable and its Hollywood allies, including the MPAA—which infamously championed SOPA legislation that would have had disastrous effects for online free expression—are again going all out to protect their own interests and prevent greater competition by opposing plans to open the TV set-top box market.

“Demand Progress welcomes the announcement today that the FCC will move forward in an effort to overhaul rules for set-top boxes — we support efforts that will enable consumers to more easily access online content and loosen the vise grip Big Cable now has on the marketplace. Demand Progress members have consistently made their views clear: When it comes to Big Cable, we need more competition, not less. We urge the FCC to move forward in ensuring an open set-top box market that will benefit consumers.”