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Demand Progress Statement on Comcast Bid to Buy 21st Century Fox

June 13, 2018
Contact: Mark Stanley, 202.681.7582, [email protected]

The following statement can be attributed to Demand Progress Director of Communications Mark Stanley:

“Comcast’s bid to buy 21st Century Fox in the immediate wake of a federal judge’s approval of the AT&T-Time Warner merger is a catastrophe in the making.”

“With the FCC’s order gutting net neutrality protections going into effect this week, the door has been kicked wide open for giant internet providers like Comcast and AT&T to block and discriminate against online content.”

“Now, internet providers are losing absolutely no time in making aggressive plays to vastly expand the media content they control — which will only increase their incentive to prioritize their own content over that of competitors. Considering many Americans lack choice in internet provider and now lack net neutrality protections, these mega-mergers will only make a toxic situation much worse for consumers, leading to fewer choices and higher prices.”

“The ruling on the AT&T-Time Warner merger and Comcast’s push to buy 21st Century Fox are major wakeup calls for all members of Congress who are still on the fence about the Congressional Review Act resolution to restore net neutrality. The stakes are now higher than ever, and the public is watching intently. It’s Congress’s duty to stand with the overwhelming majority of Americans who demand net neutrality protections by discharging and passing the CRA resolution as quickly as possible.”