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Demand Progress condemns Adam Schiff for undermining surveillance reform bill markup

February 26, 2020
Contact: [email protected]

The following is attributable to Demand Progress Policy Director Daniel Schuman:

“We condemn Rep. Adam Schiff for undermining the House Judiciary Committee’s markup of a surveillance reform bill, which was set to start at 2:30 today. Judiciary Committee members were expected to offer amendments to the USA FREEDOM Act that would have protected Americans’ civil liberties and not left mass surveillance tools in the hands of our increasingly erratic autocrat, Donald Trump. Instead, Rep. Schiff told Chairman Nadler that if he allowed any substantive amendments, he would kill the bill. (He has done this before.)

“Why Rep. Adam Schiff has aligned himself with Pres. Donald Trump and A.G. Bill Barr on never-ending surveillance is a mystery, but the position they are taking is the opposite of the interest of all Americans who value their liberty and fear unchecked power in the hands of an autocrat. Rep. Nadler should not accede to Rep Schiff’s threats — it is already unfortunate he delayed the proceedings — and Rep. Nadler should protect the integrity of his committee’s proceedings and allow the hearing to proceed and all amendments to be considered. Rep. Adam Schiff was against impeachment before he was for it, let us hope he changes his position from opposing civil liberties to supporting their protection.”

For more information on the scheduled markup of the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act of 2020, see Demand Progress’s statement from earlier today.