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Demand Progress celebrates win in Net Neutrality case

DC Circuit rules to uphold FCC’s Net Neutrality rule

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Demand Progress, which facilitated more than two million grassroots actions in support of Net Neutrality and intervened in defense of Net Neutrality in the courts, celebrated today’s decision by the DC Circuit to uphold the FCC’s 2015 rules.

The following may be attributed to Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal:

“This decision is a tremendous victory for free speech and democracy — and a huge setback for cable’s attempts to constrain online speech for private profit. Net Neutrality means that ordinary people, bloggers, artists, activists, small businesses, startups, and others will have as much right to share their ideas and creations with the world as do the biggest multinational corporations — and that rank-and-file Internet users will be able to access all of it.

“It means that those who have political opinions that challenge the status quo, and creators and startups who refuse to let cable companies shake them down for fees, won’t have to worry about being shunted off into ‘slow lanes’ that would prevent the world from learning about their views or engaging with their work.

“But fights this important never end: The cable industry will keep looking for loopholes and nip at the rule’s edges — and the industry’s minions in Congress will keep trying legislate these rules away.

“We’ll need to stay on guard, but today’s win is simply extraordinary — and the outpouring of activism that led to this victory makes it clear that we have the popular power to turn back attempts to undermine it.”