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Civil Society Organizations Host Press Conference to Urge Antitrust Floor Vote

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday at 9:00 AM EST, Civil Society organizations and think tanks will host a press conference to urge Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to keep his promise and bring the bipartisan American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act to the full Senate floor for a vote. The press conference will include a brief speaking program, followed by Q&A. Journalists and interested organizations should RSVP here to receive Zoom details.

Participating Civil Society Organizations include:

  • The Tech Oversight Project, Sacha Haworth

  • Demand Progress, Matt Berg

  • Public Knowledge, Chris Lewis

  • Public Citizen, Rob Weissman

  • Economic Security Project Action, Alex Harman

  • Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Stacy Mitchell

Civil Society Organizations Host Press Conference Urging Antitrust Vote

WHO: Political and policy experts from Civil Society organizations

WHAT: Zoom press conference that includes a brief speaking program and Q&A session

WHERE: RSVP for Zoom Details

WHEN: 9:00 AM EST on Tuesday, June 14th

WHY: The press conference will provide an update on the state of antitrust reform, urge Majority Leader Schumer to call a vote on bipartisan antitrust legislation, and antitrust news of the day