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After CRA Vote, Demand Progress Mobilizes Constituents to Criticize, Applaud Senators’ Votes

March 23, 2017
Media contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

Demand Progress released the following statement after today’s vote in the Senate to overturn FCC rules preventing ISPs from selling private data without users’ permission:

“Today’s vote to roll back broadband privacy protections was a giveaway to the cable and telecom lobby, demonstrating that Senators who supported the resolution prioritize the interests of large corporations over those of their constituents,” said Demand Progress communications director Mark Stanley. “Following today’s vote, Demand Progress is urging our members to thank Senators Ed Markey and Bill Nelson for leading opposition to the resolution, as well as Claire McCaskill, a swing vote who ultimately sided with her constituents over the telecom industry. Demand Progress will also urge members to call Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to express opposition to their votes supporting the resolution, and to urge both senators to put privacy and open internet protections over telecom industry profits going forward.”

Copies of the emails urging constituents to contact their senators are available upon request.