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Ahead of the weekend, I wanted to call your attention to this recent polling from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) showing that a majority of Muslim and Jewish Democrats favor a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The polling can be found here, as well as methodology here.

To highlight a few of the key findings: 

1. The majority of Americans favor a ceasefire in Gaza: The majority of Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, among them white Evangelical, and non-affiliated Americans favor a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. Though just shy of a majority, Jewish Americans are more likely to favor (50%) than oppose (34%) a cessation in violence.

2. Jewish and Muslim Democrats, like Democrats in the general public, favor an end to the violence in Gaza: The majority of Republicans in the general public also favor a ceasefire. Due to small sample sizes, we cannot report on Muslim or Jewish Republicans. Of note: Jews (10%) and Muslims (18%) are the least likely religious groups to identify as Republican, according to ISPU’s American Muslim Poll.

3. The majority of young Americans favor a cessation in violence in Gaza: Older Jews (age 50+) are almost twice as likely as younger members of the group (age 18-29) to oppose a ceasefire (41% vs. 22%), while 46% of older Jews support a ceasefire compared to 54% of younger members. Among the general public, all age groups studied are equally likely to support a ceasefire (61% – 65%).  Among Muslims, surprisingly, young people are more likely than their elders to oppose a ceasefire in Gaza (20% vs 6%) though a majority of all age groups support it (between 68% – 80%).