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The Anti-Bannon Drumbeat Continues: Over 100,000 Sign Petition Calling for Removal, as Demand Progress Enters the Fray

November 22, 2016
Press contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

Today, Demand Progress announced that over 100,000 people, from across the country, have signed a petition calling on President-elect Trump to remove Steve Bannon. The petition reads:

Petition to President-elect Donald Trump:
In your acceptance speech, you promised to be a president for all Americans. But the appointment of Stephen “Steve” Bannon to the position of Chief White House Strategist is unacceptable, dangerous, and undermines that promise. White nationalism, racism, anti-semitism, and misogyny have no place in the White House. I call on you to be a President for all Americans by removing Bannon from the White House immediately and replacing him with an advisor who represents us all.

The following can be attributed to Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal:

“The days since the presidential election have seen a dizzying number of dangerous developments, including any number of unacceptable appointments and other controversies.  Yet the appointment of Steve Bannon, whom Trump has chosen to help lead his parade of horribles, cuts through the clutter and to the heart of what makes this anything but a normal transition.  Bannon is a man with strong ties to a movement that espouses white nationalism, and his presence in the White House is entirely unacceptable, full stop.”