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The Day We Fought Back

On Feb. 11, 2014, we demonstrated that activists, organizations, and companies can work in unison to fight mass surveillance, and laid a foundation for escalation over months to come. More »

Block the Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Comcast, the biggest cable and Internet provider, is trying to take over its chief rival Time Warner. This would give Comcast a near-monopoly, and a presence in every major media market in the country. We can't let this happen. More »

Tell your lawmakers: Cosponsor the Email Privacy Act

The government doesn't need a warrant to read your email. We need to change that. More »

Protect Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

We’ve fought to save Net Neutrality before, and we’re going to save it this time, too. Together we will protect the Internet. More »

Justice for Aaron

Demand Progress's Aaron Swartz tragically killed himself earlier this year, while subject to a vicious persecution by U.S. law enforcement. Help us achieve justice for Aaron by urging the firing of his prosecutors and reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. More »

Help Us Stop The NDAA

Support the Chris Hedges et al lawsuit against indefinite military detention More »

Help beat back Hollywood's attempts to censor the Internet

Hollywood is hijacking the police and courts to censor the Internet and prosecute ordinary Internet users. More »

The CFAA Could Get Even Worse

It's a slap in the face: The whole Internet is clamoring for reform of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because it stifles innovation and even imprisons activists and innovators like Aaron Swartz. 

So what are some in the House thinking about doing? Expanding it, and instituting even harsher penalties.

More »