Millions of lives are at risk

The Saudi- and UAE-led war in Yemen has already killed over 400,000 Yemenis and put approximately 16 million innocent people at risk of acute malnutrition. A recent study published by The Washington Post has detailed that the U.S. has provided, and continues to provide, significant support for the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition’s offensive operations in Yemen — including airstrikes that may constitute war crimes.

That’s why the recently introduced Yemen War Powers Resolution (H.J.Res. 87 & S.J.Res.56) is Demand Progress’s top priority for 2022, and why we put together this page.

The Yemen War Powers Resolution — introduced by Reps. DeFazio, Jayapal, Mace, Schiff, Khanna, McGovern, Biggs and dozens of others — would stop U.S. support for this bombing campaign.

The Senate companion, S.J.Res.56,  was introduced by Senators Sanders, Leahy, and Warren.

Demand Progress proudly stands with a cross-ideological, national coalition of 100+ organizations supporting H.J.Res.87 & S.J.Res.56.
Find out if your member of Congress has agreed to support this critically important legislation, call and email them if they haven’t, and sign onto the petition here.

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