Help save Yemeni lives: Call Congress to support the Yemen War Powers Resolution!

Welcome to Demand Progress’s public whip tool! We’re tracking where our members of Congress stand on the Yemen War Powers Resolution (H.J.Res. 87 & S.J.Res.56).

Senator Sanders is currently moving forward with a vote on this critically important legislation. We only have a short period of time to ensure we win, but we need your help!

***Dial 1-833-STOP-WAR today to urge your members of Congress to vote in support of the Yemen War Powers Resolution***

If you are not automatically connected with your Senators, please call the the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected with your Senator.

Don’t forget to ask them where they stand and report back to us by emailing [email protected]  with the subject line “Yemen” so we can update this tracker accordingly.

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition’s war in Yemen has killed over 400,000 people and put approximately 16 million innocent people at risk of acute malnutrition. The Washington Post has detailed that the U.S. has provided, and continues to provide, significant support for the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition’s offensive operations in Yemen — including airstrikes that may constitute war crimes. Read more here: