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Statement: Republicans Scrap Proposal to Undermine Ethics Watchdog

After backlash, Members drop plans to gut Office of Congressional Ethics

January 3, 2017
Contact: Daniel Schuman, 202-792-4550
[email protected]

Washington, DC — The following statement can be attributed to Daniel Schuman, policy director of grassroots activist organization Demand Progress:

“Today House Republicans backed down from a dangerous proposal to undermine its independent ethics watchdog — a proposal that was secretly adopted by House Republicans last night with no public scrutiny whatsoever. The Office of Congressional Ethics was created in the wake of a series of scandals that shook Washington, and its near demise is a scandal of its own.

“While we are appreciative that House Republicans backtracked, this is a reminder that ethics and accountability are under assault in this Congress. It also tells us that Congress works best when it follows the principles of fair play: an opportunity to see legislation well before it is voted on and providing opportunities for amendments to correct errors.

“This is not the last bad idea to be offered this Congress. The American people will not stand for business as usual. We will be watching.”

For more, see Schuman’s blog post: Effort Underway to Undermine the House’s Ethics Watchdog