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Statement on Two Month Extension of Truce in Yemen

WASHINGTON — Today, the United Nations announced that Yemen’s warring parties have agreed to extend the existing truce by two months. In response, Cavan Kharrazian the Progressive Foreign Policy Campaigner for Demand Progress issued the following statement:

“While the last minute announcement of the Yemen truce extension is a step in the right direction and will keep direct military conflict at bay, the warring parties have failed to resolve important issues that would bring about a longer and stronger truce agreement.

“It is crucial that Congress sends a strong message that the United States will no longer be party to offensive operations conducted by the Saudi-UAE-led coalition, whether an agreement is reached or not, by passing the Yemen War Powers Resolution as soon as possible. Congressional action has played an important role in ongoing negotiations throughout the war, and lawmakers should maintain this pressure.

“Not only was United States involvement in this brutal war unauthorized to begin with, but it is a crucial point of leverage to ensure that the Saudis and their allies remain at the negotiating table these next two months. It’s time to stop handing out blank checks for endless wars around the world, especially to regimes like Saudi Arabia.”