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Statement on House Energy & Commerce passage of the Save the Internet Act (HR 1644)

April 3, 2019
Contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

The following statement can be attributed to Demand Progress Director of Communications Mark Stanley:

“We applaud the members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee who voted to advance the Save the Internet Act today. This bill is crucial to restoring the net neutrality protections gutted by Chairman Ajit Pai’s FCC in a giveaway to giant internet service providers — including Pai’s former employer Verizon. An overwhelming majority of Americans support the rules that the Save the Internet Act restores, which prevent discriminatory practices and guarantee the public can communicate, organize online and access the information and services they need, without corporate gatekeepers.

“From the beginning, the grassroots have fought tirelessly for open internet protections and have been the engine behind the push for strong net neutrality. Millions upon millions of activists from across the political spectrum have called on their lawmakers to support rules that prevent concentrated corporate power from distorting free expression and the free market online. As the Save the Internet Act marches forward, these calls will only grow louder.

“On Capitol Hill, giant telecoms have pulled out every stop to warp this debate through massive campaign contributions, and by hiring armies of lobbyists to push bogus talking points. But outside Washington, support for net neutrality has never been partisan or controversial. When the Save the Internet Act comes to a floor vote, it is imperative all representatives, both Republicans and Democrats, choose the interests of their constituents over Comcast profits and support this bill.”