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Statement on Congressional Passage of Resolution to End US Involvement in Yemen


April 4, 2019

Contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

Today, 247 members of the House of Representatives sent the Yemen War Powers Resolution to President Trump’s desk. The measure, SJRes 7, passed the Senate last month.

“This is a historic moment. Congress has asserted its exclusive authority to declare war and demanded the Trump administration remove US Armed Forces from the Saudi-led war in Yemen,” said Robert Cruickshank, campaign director of Demand Progress. “The United States must stop contributing to this humanitarian disaster by supporting Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign. If Trump wants to continue this unauthorized war, he will be forced to veto this measure — but that won’t stop us or our members from fighting for an end to this war.”

“The unprecedented passage of a War Powers Resolution is likely to have far-reaching effects, increasing the chances that Congress will act to constrain future unauthorized war-making and make American foreign policy less bellicose.”

Demand Progress, with other major national progressive grassroots groups, recently relaunched to call for an end to US involvement in the Saudi Arabia-Yemen conflict. Since the beginning of 2018, has hundreds of thousands actions to Congress, including nearly 20,000 phone calls to lawmakers.