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Demand Progress Statement Following Open Internet Oral Arguments

December 4, 2015
Press contact: Mark Stanley, 202.681.7582
Email: [email protected]

The following statement can be attributed to Demand Progress Director of Communications and Operations Mark Stanley. Demand Progress is a grassroots group with two million affiliated activists who fight for civil liberties and Internet freedom, including Net Neutrality.

”U.S. Telecom Association v. FCC is really just the latest installment of ‘Big Cable v. the People.’ And given the former’s losing track record this year of fighting the public interest, we’re confident the people, and the open Internet, will again prevail,” said Mark Stanley, Director of Communications and Operations for Demand Progress. “In the lead up to the FCC’s historic Title II vote earlier this year, Demand Progress members took millions of actions in support of Net Neutrality — filing comments, emailing lawmakers, and calling and meeting with Members of the House and Senate. Our grassroots membership mobilized on this issue in such force because it has a deep and unwavering appreciation for the importance of an open Internet, especially when it comes to enabling democratic participation and activism, giving millions a voice to impact issues that matter most to them. In the wake of the unprecedented outpouring of public support for Net Neutrality, the FCC did the right thing by reclassifying broadband services under Title II. This is the most legally sound path for an open Internet, and because of this, we are confident that the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules, which millions have voiced their support for, will stand.”