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Demand Progress on FCC Nominations

October 26, 2021

Contacts: Mark Stanley, [email protected]

On Tuesday, the White House announced nominations for the FCC — current Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel as permanent chair and Gigi Sohn as commissioner. The following can be attributed to Demand Progress Director of Operations Mark Stanley:

“Demand Progress welcomes the nominations of current Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel and Gigi Sohn. As we have repeatedly made clear, it’s crucial the White House nominate and the Senate confirm individuals who will fight for the public interest, as opposed to the interests of giant corporations, and we believe both will do this.

“Given the shrinking number of days that remain for hearings and votes this year, not another day can be wasted ahead of confirmation hearings. It is imperative these two are quickly confirmed, so the FCC can return to being a fully-staffed, fully-functional agency empowered to ensure affordable, high-speed broadband for every home, as well as an open internet free from Big Cable gatekeeping and abusive consumer practices.”

Demand Progress has helped lead the grassroots activism push calling on the Biden administration to nominate strong FCC commissioners. Previously, Demand Progress launched a campaign joined by nearly 20 groups calling on 2020 presidential nominees, including Biden, to nominate pro-net neutrality commissioners — this effort generated nearly a quarter million grassroots actions. Demand Progress also co-organized an action at earlier this year, which was joined by over 20 netroots groups and drove over 110,000 actions calling for the White House to nominate a fifth commissioner. Demand Progress has driven nearly 60,000 additional actions and Demand Progress Education Fund organized a letter in June signed by nearly 60 groups calling for a full FCC.