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CREDO,, Demand Progress, Democracy for America Praise 73 Democratic House Members For Skipping Inauguration

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Friday, January 20, 2017
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CREDO,, Demand Progress, Democracy for America Praise 73 Democratic House Members For Skipping Inauguration

Groups garner well over 300,000 petition signatures and drive upwards of 7,500 calls in support of lawmakers’ bold and courageous action.

WASHINGTON, DC — At least 73 courageous House Democrats demonstrated what it looks like to resist Donald Trump by not attending today’s inauguration.

Last week, when civil rights legend and progressive champion Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) announced that he was not attending Trump’s inauguration because he could not consider Trump a legitimate president, Trump retaliated by calling him “all talk and no action.”

CREDO,, Demand Progress, Democracy for America, other progressive allies, and tens of thousands of everyday Americans quickly mobilized in support of Rep. Lewis to demand that all members of Congress stand up to Trump.

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The groups, which represent millions of Americans, offered praise and thanks to the Members of Congress who refused to attend the inauguration.

“Today’s inauguration of a man who scapegoats Muslims and immigrants, demeans women and openly advocates discrimination is not a cause for celebration or bipartisan camaraderie,” said CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed. “We deeply appreciate the House Democrats who took a bold stand against Trump’s inauguration of hate,” Zaheed continued. “In the coming weeks and months it will take firm opposition and dedicated resistance from Democrats in Congress to minimize the damage Trump is able to inflict on our communities and our democracy.”

“Democrats boycotting today’s inauguration are standing on the right side of history,” said campaign director Jo Comerford. “Donald Trump is a threat to our nation. Any politician who attends today’s inauguration is normalizing and legitimizing a presidency that should only be resisted. Denounced. Defied. Boycotted. Congressman Lewis has shown yet again that when a leader takes a courageous action, others follow. As dozens of members of Congress joined him to skip the inauguration, we were all strengthened by the power of their collective opposition.”

“Donald Trump is unpresidential. He is an authoritarian who will stifle our free press, restore torture, expand mass surveillance, fill government with cronies, and use bully tactics to silence private citizens,” said Demand Progress policy director Daniel Schuman. “Donald Trump will violate the Constitution on Day One and has given every indication of his intent to undermine our constitutional rights and privileges. By standing up to Trump, these courageous members of Congress are standing for the American people and our way of life.”

“The only source of light on this miserable day is the massive, multi-racial, multi-generational progressive resistance movement led by women and people of color that’s already emerging to confront Donald Trump’s agenda of hate and growing stronger every single day,” said Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain. “Democracy for America’s members are proud to be a part of that fight and more aware, awake, and united than ever before in our commitment to defeating every assault Donald Trump will make on people of color, women, and working families in the weeks, months, and years ahead.”

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