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Court denies en banc review of net neutrality rules

May 1, 2017
Media contact: Mark Stanley, [email protected], 202.681.7582

Demand Progress issued the following statement, attributable to executive director David Segal, in response to the DC Circuit’s denial of the telecommunications industry’s petition for an en banc review of an earlier decision upholding the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order.

‘Today’s decision upholds the sound and successful net neutrality framework that the FCC instituted in 2015. Chairman Pai’s anti-net neutrality proposal, backed by the country’s largest ISPs—the same industry whose petition was just denied—would dismantle this framework and undermine Americans’ ability to rely on the internet as an open forum for speech, commerce, and other important uses. In the months ahead activists and the public have every intention to continue to mobilize and oppose Pai’s plan each step of the way.’