Over the last two years, Demand Progress has helped coordinate efforts to secure and defend strong net neutrality rules, to protect against Internet slow lanes and paid prioritization at the hands of the Big Cable industry. Through a groundswell of aggressive and strategic public mobilization, and by firmly standing by our principles, Demand Progress and pro-net neutrality allies were able to achieve what many deemed ‘impossible,’ by defeating Big Cable and their army of lobbyists—representing some of Washington’s most powerful interests—in order to secure an open Internet for the public, free from gatekeepers. Ongoing campaigning co-organized by Demand Progress culminated in the FCC’s historic vote for net neutrality rules in February 2015 .

In the wake of the FCC vote for strong protections, we have entered a new phase of the campaign, in which the focus has shifted to a defensive posture. Legislation has been introduced by Big Cable’s allies in Congress, and numerous lawsuits have been brought by cable companies and industry associations to overturn the rules. Now, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Comcast are trying to sneak past Net Neutrality rules. They’re imposing bogus data caps (with throttling & fees if you hit the cap) and exempting some services from those caps… but not others. It’s just as bad as the fast lanes we fought to stop.

File a complaint with the FCC to stop the sneak attack on net neutrality!