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‘California’s Ajit Pai’ bows to AT&T and guts net neutrality bill

Today, in an outrage to procedural and democratic standards, California Assemblymember Miguel Santiago held a vote to slash SB 822, a strong state-level net neutrality measure; Santiago buckled under ISP pressure to weaken the bill, which recently passed the California State Senate. He will now meet the wrath of voters who demand a free and open internet.

June 20, 2018
Contact: Robert Cruickshank, [email protected]

The following statement can be attributed to Demand Progress Campaign Director Robert Cruickshank.

“Forty million Californians just saw eight of their legislators eviscerate a crucial bill to protect a free and open internet. Miguel Santiago — who has cemented his legacy as California’s version of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai — and other committee members prioritized AT&T and Comcast’s greed and campaign cash above the urgent need for net neutrality rules, in a shocking display of contempt for the public process that stunned even longtime Capitol observers.”

“Demand Progress members in California made thousands of calls to urge the Assembly to pass SB 822 as it came to them from the Senate, which would restore the strong net neutrality protections that the FCC gutted. We are appalled at the way Santiago and his fellow committee members mocked and dismissed those pleas. We urge the Communications and Conveyance committee to reconsider, but regardless of what they do next, we will not give up until net neutrality protections are restored.”