Tell candidates: Restore net neutrality

Break up Facebook

Tell Senators: Restore Net Neutrality

Stop Trump from attacking Iran

Tell Amazon to stop developing spy tech

Stop the War on Yemen

Tell Congress to restore net neutrality

Tell your House Rep: No NSA spying on innocent Americans under Section 702

Tell your members of Congress: Join the lawsuit to hold Trump accountable

Stop Trump’s DOJ from getting 1.3 million Resistance IP addresses

Don’t give Trump’s voter suppression commission my voter data!

Require Trump to disclose his tax returns

Protect net neutrality!

No warrant? No searching our cell phones!

Tell the Senate: Block Trump’s cabinet of hate and Wall Street greed

Reject Trump’s Anti-Muslim policies!

Petition: Remove Steve Bannon from the NSC

Stop Trump’s takeover of the Supreme Court

Ajit Pai: Don’t block low-income Americans from internet access

Jeff Sessions: Resign as Attorney General

Sign the petition: Elect America’s presidents by national popular vote

Tell the FCC: Launch an investigation into cell jamming at Standing Rock!

Pardon Edward Snowden now!

Stop the FBI and Homeland Security from spying on activists!

Take action: Stop the AT&T takeover of Time Warner!

Stop Charter’s Takeover of Time Warner Cable

Protect Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

Tell the DNC: Eliminate undemocratic “superdelegates” for all future primaries!

Tell big tech companies to dump Trump and NOT sponsor the Republican National Convention!

Stop Warrantless Email Snooping

Block the Comcast-Time Warner Takeover

Tell the FCC and Congress: Stop Big Cable’s set top box ripoff

Tell the FCC: Act to Narrow the Digital Divide!

Tell President Obama: Stop the secret plan to expand NSA data sharing!

Demand Justice for Aaron Swartz

Release the Torture Report Now

Tell the FCC: Big Cable should safeguard our data, not sell it without permission!

Sunset the PATRIOT Act Now

Block the CFAA Expansion

Stop Predatory Patent Trolls

Support the National Popular Vote

Tell Lawmakers to Support the Grassroots Democracy Act

End Warrantless Email Snooping

Tell ISPs: No ‘Six Strikes’ Plan, or We’ll Take Our Business Elsewhere

Stopping CISPA – Twice

Defeating SOPA and Internet Censorship

Beating Back a Felony Streaming Bill

Stopping Censorship with Senator Wyden

Voting for the Internet

Don’t let Big Business Steal your Right to Resell What you Own

Preventing Richard O’Dwyer’s Extradition

Stopping the Internet Blacklist